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New Vegas Bounties as a Real Time Strategy mod

idea hypothetical new vegas bounties mount and blade crusader kings xcom

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It's just an idea of mine, not a request, that I would like to share with you for some brainstorming (in case anyone of you wanted to share their ideas or opinions) without the actual intent of making the mode.

I'll try to be brief:

-The basic setting is similar to NVB (and basically all bounty hunter mods), but it has a twist: you lead the organization.

-You have full control over your faction: you name it anything you want, you recruit your bounty hunters, can give them equipment, send them on mission, etc.

-There are essentially two kinds of recruits: randomly generated(by the mod) NPCs and Followers

-The first type can be found in friendly settlements, mainly in bars and saloons. Your skills during recruitment will affect how much payment they will demand later on. You can also customize them to a certain degree, like give them nicknames (a la XCOM).

-You can recruit your followers too, but there is a small difference:

-The mod would use a trait system similar to Crusader Kings that determines the bounty hunters' personalities.

-The first type of recruits have randomly generated personalities but followers (Vanilla and some of the most popular followers from nexus) and "legendary" mercenaries have pre-defined personality traits.

-Only humanoid people can be recruited but you can assign animal companions to squads.

-Squads are a group of your bounty hunters, that you can send on missions.

-Being sent on mission means that your squad leaves the New Vegas worldspace and enters a map that is similar to the ones seen in Fo1 and 2 (but the closest you can imagine is the Mount&Blade map).

-You can access this map from your command desk at your HQ. When you active this desk you get teleported to a cell where you can see the map (of an area west of the Mojave) from an overview and fly around. Your squads are represented by the shrinked version of their squad leader, and this is where you give them orders. There are also towns and other places that your squads can visit for bounties and quests and other activities.

-You give orders similarly to how you do it with JIP CCC: you can choose a squad on the map, then indicate a waypoint where they have to go or interact with.

-After you give have given your orders, you push a button that starts time, which then passes at a faster pace while the button is pushed.

-You can exit the map at any time and your squad will continue carrying out their orders but they take more time (in real time) to get to their destination.

-During certain encounters, such as combat, you take control of you squad: your PC takes the form of the squad leader, gets their inventory and their skills.

-There are smaller quests and bounties and that you can carry out with your squads but your ultimate goal is to take to down an opposing organized gang that has an HQ at a random place at the map (you need to inveatigate where).

-The other difficulty is that your bounty hunters can die permanently.

So, what do you all think? Do you think if this was made properly, it would make a good mod? Do you have any ideas you think would make it better?

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This is a concept I've been wanted to do as well, though I was taking more of a Tactical Shooter direction, similar to how Fallout Tactics is a translation of Fallout 1 and 2's ruleset, I would take New Vegas and attempt to emphasize more strategic elements.


We had a lot of similar general ideas, so I'll share some game-play specifics


- JIP CC&C is a requirement. 


It's a great mod and I've always wanted something to really showcase its potential.


It's commands are necessary for the large emphasis on applying your Squad's skills in the Mission area. Typical stuff like Lockpicking and Hacking, but also mission-specific tasks.

Ideally I'd want to add a new Button to the Command interface, "Mission Action" which would prompt squad mates to interact with mission objects, triggering relevant scripts.


- Two mission types: Critical and Side. Critical Missions are story-relevant. Side Missions are non-essential levels that can be completed for additional rewards and experience.


Side Missions can be failed, returning you to Base without rewards and whatever losses sustained.

Because Critical Missions are Plot-centric, failing these missions results in a gameover and reload. (Not to say there wouldn't be variability to how a Critical Mission may affect the plot_


Missions are failed in the event that key objectives are failed, or the Player Character is killed. (In side Missions, the player gets rendered unconscious, getting the "Miraculous survival" treatment.)


- The Player engages missions in a team of three, that being themselves and two Squadmates.


The Player's leveling, particularly Skill Points is adjusted to accommodate this, encouraging strategy and forethought when building a team for a mission.


Experience for the Player is gained primarily from successfully completing missions, XP from combat is reduced heavily if not removed. Additional experience can also be earned from performing Mission Actions, or ordering a Squadmate with appropriate skills to perform a mission action.


- Squadmates can earn perks and "level-up" when brought on successful missions. You can also Train squadmates at base for a cost of caps and resources, so you don't have to worry about Favoritism causing other Squaddies to fall too far behind.


- The Squadmates you can recruit are all unique companions with Classes that give them distinct talents and perks. If Hardcore mode is active, they can be killed-in-action, which causes them to be replaced with an equivalent Generic for future missions.


I like your idea of Legendary Hunters, but I figure everyone would always want to use Legendaries if they had the choice.




I was also going to take it in a less lore-friendly, total conversion direction, using the Community Wasteland Project to set the mod and missions in areas of the existing worldspace, especially areas that don't see much opportunity for combat in normal playthroughs.

I've had a sort of "Mod-Lore" idea I've been kicking around for awhile.


Either way, I think there's a lot of potential in this concept. A compartmentalized experience like this would be a fresh take on quest mods.

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I've been wanting to do this with an intention to make it similar to StarCraft .


3 factions ... Humans , Creatures & Robots .   Where the PC would be a unique legendary unit that also can fly over the map to survey the scene , and have limited capabilities beyond troop commands.  But then also interact on the ground as another unit.  A different predetermined unit per faction.


Been working on it a bit with Fo3 as the base game ... but I think have decided NV would be better so as to get access to Jip CC&C .


I'd be interested in helping out with your Idea ,so as to better create mine , if that's alright to employ some of the methods we came up with in yours ?


Would all the combat action happen on world maps / cells that we created ?  With only recruitment happening on vanilla spaces ?   I think that would work out best imo.

Also been working up how to put vehicles in the mix with some help from Uhmattbravo on that.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in.  Because I really want to make a siege tank similar to the ones in starcraft.


Presently I am still without a comp I can mod with , but will be getting one soon.


Also I want to throw this mod request together https://forums.nexus...er-when-combat/


Which this mods methods will employ some similar coding I think.

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