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I would donate if Paypal was available

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I was about to donate just now but the site started asking for my name, address and other personal information in order to allow me to pay. I don't mind donating to Nexus, even if it's $5 or $10 I'd still do it. But I don't want to register my personal information on a site unless I really have to,


I would suggest making the "Ad Free For Life" option an $2-5-10-25-50 choice instead of the current $1.29, and then adding PayPal as a payment option. I'm certain you would get more donations that way than what you get today.



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You can use PayPal to purchase supporter / premium membership already - in the "How would you like to pay?" dropdown there is a PayPal option.

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You don't have to provide the info if you pay with PayPal, only if you use a card. So if you use PayPal you could say you're from the moon if you want

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