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Object Has Clipping Emittance, But I Can't Find the Object

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I've been putting together a custom house mod for a week or two now, and I'm moving on to polishing the lighting in my current interior cell. The only issue I'm facing is in my bedroom, where there seems to be a light object I can't find, or something with emittance turned on. Either way, it seems impossible because I checked every object in the cell -- including ones that aren't visible in-game -- for emittance values, and none of them have any. Does anyone have some insight into this? I'm at a loss








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I will wager your room bounds are causing, whatever is blocking light from coming in, to unload. Make sure to include everything inside your room bounds.


If that's not the issue, then it's likely something to do with LODs. Whatever it is, I think it's outside light coming in, if you used Show Sky.

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If you mean that flickering light that appears in the video, there are 2 possible reasons for it :
1) You have an exterior light, by exterior i mean, a light outside the room - walls and the mesh that the light it's hitting has only one way shadow casting properties, the mesh can only cast shadow from one way, the opposite side is actually completely empty.
2) You have a second or a third floor or room that a non shadow light is emitting on the same mesh. Non shadow light don't recognize mesh model boundries only shadow casting do. Flickering occours when 2 or more lights are casting in the same mesh and - or the light's boundaries are intersecting each other.

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