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Can skyrim or skyrim special edition mods be used in Skyrim VR?


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Simple question: I just bought a HTC Vive Pro headset with controllers and all. 2nd hand, so less than half price, but still expensive!
But I'd like to use if with Skyrim VR, which I've also acquired. However, Nexus doesn't seem to have a forum/platform just for Skyrim VR, but only for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition.
So my question: Can skyrim or skyrim special edition modes be used for Skyrim VR?
I assume the answer is NO, and only mods specifically tailored for Skyrim VR can be used, but would like confirmation. And if this is the case, then why isn't there a special platform on Nexus for Skyrim VR?

But if mods for skyrim or Skyrim SE CAN be used for Skyrim VR, then:
1) It is the mods for Skyrim or those for Skyrim SE that are useable?
2) Or is it only selected mods posted under either game that are usable, so this has to be researched individually for each mod?

I do hope some more experienced users will answer my question - other newbies will be asking the same I am sure.



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Most Skyrim SE mods should work for Skyrim VR if I recall correctly

SSE and SVR are both 64bit, SLE is 32bit (< not sure if thats the reason for it .. .. ), so SLE mods shouldnt work


There are a few exceptions like SKSE which have an own version for SVR but thats usually listed on the download page




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one more thing skyrim vr is a earlier build of Se in terms of the build number. so say mods that say they are build 1539 or what ever the actual number is usually wont work because of built in version checking.. however a very big amount of mods seem to not do this check.. so it is a little tricky at times.. and also only use SE mods if you mix old ones without a proper port you game will most likely  crash or not run at all.  


Note=VR mods are in SE's  section of this website. there is a vr compatible filter. 

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