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java fallout 4 compatibility

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I know the many, many attempts at renovating NPCs for Fallout 4.


I have to wonder, though; why has no one tried a .json file like, say, EveryBody''s Different for Skyrim and SE? It's the same basic engine and largely the same file structure. Moreover, for all its somewhat ham-handed installation, Vortex uses a .json file and it interfaces with Fallout 4 just fine in itself.


Even with things like Super Mutant Redux messing with the basic formula, there's far less races in Fallout than in TES, as everyone there is human or derived from them; Ghouls and Ferals are (in Preston's words) irradiated humans who look messed up and live a long time. Behemoths are extreme and frankly failed Super Mutants who are themselves humans that got messed up by FEV. Females can be added to the latter and are already among the former. Setting basic height variance and a gender modifier, scanning for and applying headparts like eyes, hair and facial features; selecting makeup, scars, blemishes, and overlays from the looksmenu choices. That's essentially what EBD for Skyrim did with the showracemenu options and Fallout 4's looksmenu system is if anything more systematic. 


So, I ask again. Why hasn't this been tried?



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I found this thread, because I am asking the same damn question.  I figured it would have been a shoe in, for all of the points you just made.  No dunmer, bosmer, altmer, khajiiti, argonians or osimer.  Just regular wastelanders.  Guess with the age of FO4 it will never be done.  What a missed opportunity, would have really made the game that much more lively.  

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