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I just want to apply my CBBE body preset to all SSE Vanilla armors!Need some help!

cbbe armour vanilla bodyslider

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So, let me tell you that my body preset is just an edit of the famous CBBE Curvy preset, I just changed the slider values and saved it as a new preset with a new name.

The thing is, my character shows the preset once she is naked, however, when I equip any vanilla armor it show another, it´s not the vanilla female body tho.

I have CBPC also installed and it works perfectly with me and all NPCs, naked or dressed, it just that the vanilla armors DO NOT show my body preset.

In Body Slide, when I choose for instance, the CBBE Body vanilla Nord Plate, with my preset, and hit preview, it pops up exactly what I want to see, so I filtered all the Vanilla Armors and did a batch build using my present and choosing ALL the vanilla armors. When I enter the game the issue persists. My character naked does show my body preset, but when I equip any vanilla armor the body changes. I tried doing an individual build to that armour, and still got the same result.

I hope I´ve been clear enough. It is an easy problem but I couldn´t find any solution to it. No mod is conflicting with this, I literally just have CBBE and CBPC, no custom armors that need a CBBE conversion or something like that. Thanks for your time!

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