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peanut butter and netch jelly


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haha geez how do i word this. okay so you all know the netch jelly has a paralyzing quality, even on the player, but that's the only time the player can get it is if they eat it. but... food has different properties too, and you can cook food or find it cooked around the worldspace. well i want peanut butter and netch jelly sandwiches? basically you eat it and it paralyzes you for 10 to 60 seconds? and most of all maybe incorporated into leveled lists somehow, so i can watch random npcs eat pb and netch jelly sandwiches and just fall over. that'd be fantastic.


i have VERY limited blender skills and next to no CK skills but if need be i can try to make the mesh, but honestly a slightly retextured bread loaf/half loaf mesh would also be fine idc.


//also if this already exists please tell me idc what else comes with the mod i just. have been thinking about this for the last 12 hours. i have a dire need.

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