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SSEEdit conflicts and load order questions

sseedit load order ctd conflict conflicts wyre bash bashed patch merged patches merge patches

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Reference material for what I'm about to say: On Script Heavy Mods and Engine Overload at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)


I disabled everything you mentioned, worked fine, but the second I enable Helgen Reborn.esp the problem occurs again.


Hello! This is incredibly late, but after some testing, it was determined that 'script-heavy mods' don't impact the game at all! It's ALMOST certainly due to your mod order or corrupt assets or just plain bad coding. 


"A friend developed an entire mod to test the effects of scripts on the game and try to pinpoint an exact cause of script issues, it was designed to overload the game in every possible way as described by the "script heavy" myth, and his results concluded that the game can candle thousands and thousands of instances of scripts simultaneously in the background, and keep running without even coming close such a thing a s "limit". The mod was designed to push Skyrim's script engine's limits beyond what any combination of mods can ever achieve."


"Technically, a form of "script heavy" mod can exist, but I just call that BAD CODE.

See, the thing is, it doesnt happen because "a mod has many scripts" or because "the scripts run in the background" or "are too long". It doesnt happen either because "you have too many mods" or "you combined more than 2 or 3 script-heavy mods in one install".
It happens EXCLUSIVELY for the action of a single, lone script, which can come from anywhere, at any time.
Any script can have bad coding, and size doesnt matter."


What this means in practice is that, unless those mods you mentioned are all running in tandem, making events and calling functions over and over again (particularly if they get 'stuck' processing a single event), script-heavy mods won't actually impact your game in the way that's being described. As far as I'm aware, Falskaar, LotD, Helgen Reborn, etc, many of these mods I have no reason to suspect are making calls dozens of times a second every second incessantly. They might make calls at points in the game to load the content that you're trying to use... but they won't be running that script over and over again incessantly as fast as possible (as a script that continually reapplies a certain buff to your character might).



"[Problems happen] when you have a stressful situation that generates enough script calls to saturate the engine, and you dont ever get to the moment when it finishes answering them all.
I dont know the exact number, but as a mental exercise, lets say the game can answer 100 script calls per second, from a single concentration magic effect.
Now, picture that you have a combination of mods, that allows an event spammer as described above, coupled with a stressful situation, say a dragon, 2 companions and 6 mages.
Suddenly, you're no longer receiving 100 script calls or less per second but 400 instead.
The game will queue 300 to be answered on the next time, but when that time comes, we will get another 400
By the third time it checks, you will be getting a total sum of 900 delayed calls because it can only answer 100 each time.
And the lower your framerate, the less actual execution time the script engine has to catch up with the increasing demand."


So, as you can see, it has nothing to do with 'heavily-scripted mods;' well-coded, heavily-scripted mods can run in tandem just fine. And properly-coded quest mods? Well... those shouldn't be doing anything crazy to your game. They absolutely should not be making a bunch of script executions every single second, because they're just a set of events that trigger at set points in the story. And maybe some NPC scripting, which is also not going to be that heavy (far heavier will be the animation) unless it's coded like garbage (checking every tick to see if a quest condition has been fulfilled, for instance). 


I know this is super late, but perhaps you should try checking to see if you have any combat mods installed? Those would be 'script-heavy' in a way that actually matters to the game. Far more likely, from how you described the crashes, there's a mod that's conflicting somewhere with another mod, and Skyrim can't handle it.


PS: A much better way to determine what's causing CTDs is to disable half of your mods, load the other half, determine if it's still crashing, disable half of those if it is, determine if it's still crashing, etc. Binary search! Runs in log(n) time instead of linear time like what that other guy suggested!

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