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Sooooo what are your guys thoughts on drugs...(in Stardew Valley)

mod realistic poppies heroin

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Just under a week ago me and my friends were playing Stardew Valley and we liked the idea of the Cannabis growing mod and thought it would be good if you could produce other types of drugs and eventually sell them to either the towns folk altering their behaviour or to some shady individuals for a high but risky profit.
(this would eventually be part of a series of mods altering the current Stardew Valley world giving it a much darker shadier vibe.)
With no modding experience what so ever I figured I would dig around in the files and see what we're dealing with hoping to find i could edit some sprite sheets or something
(my knowledge of sprites and  sprite sheets coming from RPGMaker about 10 years ago).
I soon realised all these XNB files all over the place so i got to google and realised i could unpack these revealing content i could edit via notepad!
Now i just had to copy some existing code from currently working mods, break it down and try to understand it, edit a bunch of names and values to make them my own and after a few hours coding and drawing sprites I eventually pieced together this mod.
It relies on a bunch of other mods to work as i wrote my code within their files but i believe I can pack it all up so it's nice and easy to understand how to install and what mods you require.
Here's a screenshot of the machines


(the file was too big to attach and the 'Image' button thingy didn't work) :/
i will include more pictures including the items produced from the machines soon.
At the moment the mods got a lot of little things i need to iron out such as wrong item type names and stamina/hp effects when certain items are eaten but all the machines function perfectly
(apart from they require you to be holding the fuel not the product to start the machine, for example to get opium from Poppy Seed Pods you would have to be holding the 1x Coal and not the 4x Poppy Seed Pods even though both are required for the Opium Extractor to work) and all the items produced by the machines work fine as materials for the other machines. Their are 10 Items and 9 Machines currently Added in this mod. You can consume Heroin (Currently Eat it) and it does have an effect.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea,
I know it's not everyone's cuppa tea but i'll take all the negative feedback as constructive criticism.

Thanks for taking taking the time to check out my first mod/idea.
I'll try to keep you all updated on the progress.

-Ink Suru

Always remember to back-up your files before installing a mod! :wink:





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Added Cocaine with speed+ effects but currently no machine to make it - tested using item spawner.

Currently working on custom NPCs to sell drugs too but having a little trouble getting the edited values to have the desired effects.
Recently discovered NPC Template mods that i will look into and will hopefully make adding NPCs a walk in the park (other than drawing all the sprites...)

If anyone has any input or would like to assist in anyway then feel free,
I'm doing this in my spare time so sometimes days will go by without me doing any work on the mod and where I'm learning as I go this could end up being a long term project,
none the less I have no intention to stop until multiple drugs are sellable to some shady individuals.

Always remember to back-up your files before installing a mod!

-Ink Suru

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