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I`m a premium member in NEXUX since years.

today I payed my premiummembership to NMM as I did it al the years befor.

I also get the comfirmation about reciving the payment.

But in my account there is not comfirmd.

It is a little confusing.

I did not use VORTEX  -  and I did not wanne use it -


What happend, an help is requested.


Please write simple, becouse engllish is not my language.

Thang you




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It looks like you have made a new account using your email address, rather than applying it to your current account. This happens when you buy Premium without being logged in and ignore the warning in giant red font to login, else this exact thing will happen.


You have two choices:

  1. Logout of Vortex, then login again using this new account you've made with the Premium Membership attached
  2. Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and specify what your actual username is, and ask for your Premium Membership to be transferred to that account.

I'd recommend option 2, personally, so your email address isn't on show to everyone.


Either way, thank you for your support.

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