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Balanced Resurrection mod

resurrection ritual necromancer balanced

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So for a while I have been trying to find a good resurrection mod. This desire for me started after getting 'Lord of the Dead Reborn' mod which allowed me a fully necromancer game. As I played I realized something. After my spouse died (Farkas for those wondering) and playing the quest where that one necromancer wanted to bring her dead husband back but couldn't because his body was already burned and she imprisons the two dead lover ghosts. What I realized was wouldn't it be normal for a necromancer to actively try to revive their dead loved ones? OR for some to try to perfect the act of raising the dead?


So I began to look for a good mod.


Unfortunately the only ones I could find were reaaaaaaaaaly unbalanced, and didn't offer what I was looking for. They just added a spell that let you bring them back and that's it. 


What I was looking for was more of a full scale ritual. Something the player would have to 'research' at the college, perhaps in a sneaky way since if they got caught they would be kicked out for necromancy (perhaps involving getting the keys from the librarian and getting into those locked cabinets) along with lots of experiments. Perhaps the option to just contact the Daedric void-of-tentacle-porn and trade something for the knowledge, like the memories of the npc you revive turning them into more of an undead thrall.


I imagine this mod having a bunch of cave diving for materials and some sneaking and possible experiments with animals in the field to discover what might work. Maybe even work a little with dawn guard quest where after an npc dies the player can cast a spell to trap the soul before 3 seconds after death, trapping their soul in the Carrin and then the player has to convince the soul to return or fight to trap them in a soul gem (maybe if they choose to fight if the player doesn't have high enough speech they turn hostile upon revival).


But the mod would also probably require the play to be able to pick up the dead body completely so they could get it placed for the ritual. 


Of course I get my idea's can get a little too wild so what do you guys think? What elements do you think this would involve or would be a good addition?




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Awesome idea, I'd actually love to see this. Especially in conjunction with mod ideas like "Raising Your Kids Family Interaction Overhaul".

It'd be awesome if your mistakes got a beloved kid or spouse killed (maybe soul trapped) and your once noble character has to dirty their hands.

For instance, slaughter their killer, take back the soul crystal and secretly learn and practice resurrection rituals.


Couple this with a local reputation system and you've got a killer mod(s).

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