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Porting My Mod To XB1, Help Me Please?

xbox creation kit archive2

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I've watched a video on how to create textures for your game, I have extracted the ones I wanted and I created a test texture for a mailbox - specifically I've made it just a solid color orange. I then tested in on my Steam FO4 by repacking the textures into a BA2 file using Archive2 naming it OrangeMailbox - Textures and then created a dummy plugin with CK naming it OrangeMailbox. Then I zipped the file up and loaded it with Mod Organizer 2 and it does work on my PC, my mailboxes are now orange color but that showed me I did it right. 


So I do the same thing except this time I package my textures in XboxDDS and put it inside a XB1 folder in my FO4 data folder. When loading my dummy plugin and trying to upload it to beth.net for xbox, it recognizes the BA2 file and asks if I want to use it, I say yes and it uploads to Beth.net. When I download the mod from my XB1, it downloads successfully after fighting with the manager because.. bethesa, but it does download. When I activate it and load my game up however, it will either (i've tried this a few times repacking it not sure what I did different) show the loading screen, crash the game to my xbox dashboard or it will load into the game but none of the textures will show up, as if the mod isnt working. My mailboxes are normal.


Can someone please help me out and guide me in what I am doing wrong here? Thank you very much, any help would be appreciated friends and have a great day to anyone reading this.



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I'm going with the assumption that you used archive2 to pack your Xbox archives, this is part of your problem. I have never successfully packed xbox archives by hand. 


it's best to let the ckit pack your Xbox archive, I don't think Archive2 actully can use the correct file compression but the ckit can.


Delet the xbox archive you've previously created and try this. 


  1. load your blank empty .esp in the ckit, 
  2. log into bethesda.net
  3. go to upload mod to Xbox, 
  4. You'll get a message "An archive might not be necessary. Add files by hand?"
  5. click yes and a new empty "Add/Remove files to Archive" window will open,
  6. click the add button in the top right corner,
  7. locate your assets (any meshes and textures you may need),
  8. Ones you have them all added press the pack archive button, a new Xbox archive will be created and places in Data/XB1 folder, it will be correctly named and ready to upload,
  9. When the packing is finished you'll be taken to the Upload mod window,

This is how I pack Xbox Texture replacer mods myself. 


The add button is a little annoying you can add entire folders by selecting everything in them but you can't add multiple folders at a time. 


Hope this helps but feel free to ask any questions you may have. 




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hi! A basic question to porting to xbox. I'm trying to port an armor. in the CK window "add/remove files to archive" its getting the textures, meshes and co, but the esp is missing. should i drag it in or not?

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