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Hello, I'm a bit new in this mod stuff but, but i have one idea for a merchant mod for Skyrim for a rly long time that I want to share and maybe discuss some ideas with this community:


Obs: Sorry for poor English 

Basic concept:

A merchant trading mod where each city will have "workbench" to craft "item packs" exclusive for each city that need to be delivered exclusively to certain master merchants NPCs in the main cities for gold and "merchant tokens". the price and tokens you receive change based on the distance where the packs are created.

Some a example situation:
at Whiterun the player can craft a "carrots packs" that is an item crafted using 15 carrots, the carrot pack is a backpack slot that is heavy and makes you move 50% slower, decrease damage and health in 50% and the player is disabled to fast travel. now the player needs to decide if he goes deliver the carrot pack. The player decides to deliver the pack at  winterhold because its the farthest city he can go to get more tokens and money.  The player starts his travel to winterhold at a foot, taking caution to don't attract bandits or other enemies on the way. When he arrives on Winterhold he delivers the pack to the master merchant NPC and receives money and tokens.

System ideas:


  - The "pack" is a backpack item that give you debuffs, the pack is always equipped; if the player unequips the pack its dropped on the ground.

  - Each city have its own craftable packs, so you need different items for each city you make packs

  - Bandits can attack you when you are traveling for making a delivery,  so you need to be careful where you want to deliver your packs, ( longer travels =  high risks )

 - Maybe NPCs have packs, you can steal their goods and sell it  

Merchant progression:


- Use tokens to craft a carriage where you can put additionals packs, so you can travel with more packs at the same time! 
- Craft a place to make the packs in your house using tokens
- New perks on the merchant skill tree like: craft better quality/valuable packs, craft better carriages with more slots for packs, remove a % of pack debuffs  and increase pack values 

- Unlock rly rare packs using rare items

what you ppl think?


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