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A new settlement location (the name of the place escapes me atm)

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Okay, i haven't played fallout 4 in a while so the name of this place isnt exactly at the forefront of my mind but, you know that Diner location, where the mother is telling off those two drug dealers for selling drugs to her son that you immediately melt upon meeting in order sell the old bat your junk you peeled off some raiders in concord? well i was thinking, would it be possible to make that a ... settlement-able location? 




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It has been a while since you played. That's the first trading post you find in the game. It's called Drumlin Diner. It's one drug dealer named Wolfgang and his bodyguard. You can resolve the initial situation there with a speech check. Then Wolfgang leans against the diner for the rest of the game, and BOTH of them become available to buy your junk. When Trashcan Carla is stopped there, it becomes 3 merchants. It's a handy spot already.


It might work as a settlement, if it's not too close to the Starlight Drive In. If settlements are too close to each other, it can cause conflicts. The game will try to lump settlement stats of the two map markers together. I had this problem with my Water Tower Home mod when I gave it it's own map marker. It all depends on distance.

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