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Hit points balance. :geek:

hp hit points hit point balance mods

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    I was wondering why no one would create a mod that adressed the biggest issue of NWN2 game balance - maximum monster and player hit points! Baldur's gate was fine in that way, Fireball was a powerful spell there, NWN1 hp system was kinda ok, but NWN2 made it so everyone have to play sorcerer specializing in instant death spells, or a barbarian with double cleave on each monster. Obviously creators thought about those players who upon level up were reloading game continuously to roll for maximum hit points, but instead of making d8 dice roll into 4.5 hit points per level, they just made it into 8 per level, the maximum, for players and monsters. 

     Because of moster and player maximum hit points many spells and abilities bacame nearly absolete, like Fireball or Cure Wounds spells (except Heal spell). Protection spells work fine as do most warrior attacks, but you need twice the anount of magic missiles, twice the amount of cure spells, Toughness feat is not nearly as good, Great Cleave is not nearly as good. Not only that, but often you can only cast fireball when mosters didn't engage in combat with your party, you just don't have time to cast 2 fireballs even if you want to spend 2 spell slots instead of one.


    Point is, limited-use hp-based abiities are trash in this game. Everyone who thoroughly familiar with NWN2 likes to make a necromancy sorcerer.




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I'm not far into the game (SoZ), but I can see what you mean. Still I think it's good to have a healthy mix of HP and other effects. It also slightly diminishes CON compared to PnP.
Lots of things have immunities to the druid druid death spells I'm carrying..
I gotta say I'm glad to have some extra cushion considering the game is not really turn based. It's easier to make mistakes than in PnP.

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