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Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires.

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I would like to know regarding memory how did the memory limit get created, is it the game engine that sets the memory, may someone might be able to change the memory limit from 4GB to anywhere up to 128 GB, there has to be a way to do it, i wondering loading Skyrim to UE4 stripe Skyrim landscape back to the map grid, then restructure Landscape of Skyrim, see if UE4 will increase memory size, see if UE4 can remode Land mass and undo Papyrus, im shaw UE4 uses Havoc as well and none Papyrus, i cannot see why not, UE4 might be the key to help making Skyrim run as good as Horizon zero dawn, its only a suggestion, UE4 creates better games then that Bethesdas Frankenstein game engine.  But i say well done regarding all that info.




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Hi, and thanks for all the tips in Forest Fires.

A bit of clarification, please ? - the first quote under Memory section - suggests but doesn't make completely clear, for me anyway - I'm running Skyrim LE in Win7x64, with 8GB RAM, (with a partitioned hdd so games are installed away from C: drive). The quote suggests that Skyrim can have all of 4GB and Win7 can use the other 4. Is this automatically so, or does Win7 need to be pushed/instructed/fenced for this to be ?

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