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Best ENB for True Storms ONLY?

enb true storms darker nights

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Hi there Forum,


Basically I am using True Storms latest version and Darker Nights, because I prefer it over other weathers. But I want to know which ENB is compatible? Some ENB descriptions are requiring NAC to be installed and I really don't want that.


I'm old School and do not seem to have the hots for NAC, ('Natural Atmosphseric Commonwealth' weather mod) as many others seem to be having. Mainly because of the way it disables/affects some of the game settings and also just the fact that I much prefer True Storms / Darker Nights.


I want to stick with True Storms weather as I've always done and I have noticed many ENBs REQUIRE NAC as well as True Storms. I simply don't want that. I've tried PRC enb and I'm really not keen on it, especially as it is really made for use with NAC.


Having exhaustively scoured the site's forum for ENB that is best with True Storms but doesn't involve NAC, I just can't seem to hit on anything, searches come up empty. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.



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Really depends on what kind of visuals you like in your ENB.  I only  use True Storms and change my ENB/ReShade around frequently.  Also, even though an ENB might be meant for NAC, I try them out anyway.  Sometimes they still look great with True Storms. 


If you don't mind adding a ReShade in the mix, Grim Wolf offers some great presets.  For strictly ENB only, I've used Faded GloryQuantum ENB, and Seasons of the Abyss has some great options to switch around presets in game.  If you just want a basic ENB without changing the color too much, then Subtle ENB is great too.  There's quite a few more I use but really depends on the mood you're wanting in your game.


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I prefer this mod over Darker Nights. https://www.nexusmod...tab=description


It is designed with intended use for Subtle ENB or Vouge ENB. 


Personally I use ENBoost only for the FPS counter and the extra ram option. I don't use any ENB preset and I find the nights look very good still. 

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