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Getting Bodyslide to Work

vortex bodyslide presets sliders

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Hello Nexus forums. 


Although i've been quite active modding my games for as long I can remember, I've been running my head into a wall here, for a little while. 


I've run into an issue that I never experienced before. I am currently setting up a game loaded to the max, with mods. (this is my first time adding this many mods. Stunning 250 mods!) 
I am fairly new to the Vortex manager, and this is only the second playthrough since i got Vortex, last playthrough was with a bare minimum of ~15 mods, just to get the hang of it. 

After Vortex came out, I did not move the mods that I had installed with NMM, instead I uninstalled everything (all mods and NMM), and had a little break from the games, as school and work took up my time. 
Later when I again had time, I installed Vortex and liked what I saw, and tried it out with my recent playthrough (the ~15 mods). 

Now the issue is I cant for my life get the Bodyslide to work, as I had it working with NMM. 
I have it installed, and I can open the bodyslide, and outfit studio, but all dropdown menus are blank, containing nothing, although i have 2 presets downloaded and enabled. (see the link)

I have installed and carefully tested every single mod, and there is no issues what-so-ever with the mods running inside my game. As I am now almost finished getting the mods i want to use, I begin to make armor work with the body I've created with looks menu,which means I run into this issue now. 

To remedy this issue I tried to disable Bodyslide, My preset plugin (Specimen 2) and CBBE, and re-enable them all, as well as completely uninstall and remove the plugins, re-download and install them again. 
This may not seem helpful, but I think that rules out that the issue is coming from a faulty installation, and maybe instead some placement of a folder is wrong? I just dont know, and does not want to mess with the files manually without knowing exactly what Im doing. 


F4SE: 0.6.15

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio: 4.7.1

CBBE: 2.6.1

Looksmenu: 1.6.13

Specimen 2: 2.0

I have 1 preset as well as the CBBE, (But I installed, tested and uninstalled a third preset to confirm that the first i installed wasn't somehow faulty. - This is irelevant for now, I just to say I've done it in case someone asks me to do it)

The presets i've installed is: 
- Specimen 2



So: to run this I am looking to get these things to work together: 
- Looksmenu :                            Create the body to my liking                                                                       [x] Done.
- Bodyslide and Outfit Studio:    Create outfits that match the body i created.                                              [  ] Missing....
- CBBE:                                    Replace the old character model with a new, enhanced:                              [X] Done.
- Pride of valhalla skin texture:  Replace skin texture to one that i like:                                                         [X] Done.

- Preset (Specimen 2):              Give me a good starting point for editing the body in bodyslide.:                 [  ] Missing...


I do suspect the issue being folders not being placed correctly but I can't seem to figure out which folder should be where.  I will upload a few pictures showing what the folder I suspect look like, aswell as my Bodyslide settings etc. (whatever i feel will help narrowing down the issue - If any additional is needed you are free to ask of course).
Additionally you can here see a .gif of my bodyslide and outfit studio, as empty as they are.. Link to the .gif and pictures: https://imgur.com/a/rlczT9m
Also including a picture from my testing save, to those who would like to see.

I hope someone here can help me out as its quite a buzzkill that especially sleeves but also other pieces of clothing doesnt fit the character. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ { The above part has been solved, I hope you care to help me with the last part? } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


While I have your attention...
Is there a way for me to save the body that I created using looksmenu as some sort of preset to load into a new game, as I would like this exact body on the real playthrough..?   I dont see any save buttons, other than for the face which I already have a couple of presets for.. I cannot find anywhere on the interweb, explaining if its possible or not to save the body created with looksmenu as a preset. (it may exist, but its been avoiding to reveal itself to me - so if you know somewhere that explains this, please send a link and I'll have a look!) 

Thank you for reading through this massive post, I really appreciate it. I hope you either can help, or for future readers, maybe experience the same issue and get help to solve it!

- Antraxill

(Edit: Typos... Typos everywhere...)
(Edit 2: Added version numbers in case that is something we need)  




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Hello guys!

Good news, I don't require you'r help on the first part. I actually found a solution provided by Jiala.   
Link: https://forums.nexus...der-and-vortex/

The solution was to me a little hard to understand in the provided link, I hope I can clarify: 

You may as I have, have Bodyslide installed in 2 different folders inside the Steam folder.     "D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4"    (this is the steam install location in my case)     

I have an instance bodyslide installed here:  "D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\VortexMods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v4.3.4-25-4-3-4\Tools\BodySlide"  (picure number 1) 
I also have an instance  of bodyslide here: "D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\Bodyslide"                                                                                         (picture number 2) 

If you have a look at the 2 instances of bodyslide, i have one instance that contains a bunch of folders the other instance does not contain.   
These folders is basically what will make things show up in the Bodyslide program. 

Now theres a few ways to fix this.

1: Correct the path in the tools part of vortex.  
Locate the Instance which contains the "ShapeData, SliderCategories, SliderGroups, SliderPresets, and SliderSets folders"  Now set the path to this folder.                       (picture 3) 

2: Copying the missing folders to the selected destination folder: 
Basically copy paste the "ShapeData, SliderCategories, SliderGroups, SliderPresets, and SliderSets" folders to the Instance which dont have these folders in it.


3: If none of the above applies and you have either only 1 bodyslide instance available, and these folders is not present, or you have both as i do, and none of them have these folders,
we need to find them from where they origin and copy them into the correct instance of bodyslide. 
I locate the folder of CBBE, In the folder where my mods are staged.                                                                                                                                                                (see picture 4 + 4.1)   
I open the folder until i find the folders we are missing in the bodyslide:  "ShapeData, SliderCategories, SliderGroups, SliderPresets, and SliderSets"
Now I mark these, and copy them to the folder of the correct bodyslide, so we can get it to work!                                                                                                                    (pic 5)

I did my own 1'st solution, and after changing the destination folder, this is how bodyslide looks on opening:                                                                                                 (pic6) 

Link to the pictures: https://imgur.com/a/PWvMO7f


I hope this helps anyone out that may have the same issue.  
Please give Jiala some love too, as her solution was what helped me getting it to work, by providing the solution, although, to me it was slightly unclear. 

Thank you for your time. 
- Antraxill


(Edit: Typos... Typos everywhere!)




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Sorry that my post was hard to understand I thought I had been clearer then that, but I'm glad it helped you figure out what was wrong.


Have fun,





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bless you lol. been trying to figure this out for weeks lol. 




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You are most welcome.
Enjoy your game to the fullest!

Also as stated, please show Jiala some love too, as her solution was first, i simply ellaborated a metric ton on it. :)




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Thanks had to come back to this after a re-install!




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how did you get that option in picture three? im still new to vortex =A=

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