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Screenshot Community Event: The Final Presentation

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I like to see myself as something of a photographer, or well, photography hobbyist? heh..


Unfortunately, I kept looking at this event thingy and seemed to feel very uncomfortable and anxious. I obviously wanted to join in but I have always looked at the images and how they are rated / voted / judged / call it what you will (the very thing that this screenshot / image "event" involves - being judged and winners selected over others), anyway I've always looked at how images are rated and it's mostly boobs n ass that get endorsements and then ego boosts and I dunno.. I just get jaded.


Anyway, back on-topic.. being as self imposed jaded as I seem to be, I instantly felt hesitant to 'enter'? this event thingy. I still think it's great and can be fun and all, but I guess I must need more encouragement hehe I dunno <_<


I think my conflict (oops sorry) lies in the title; "Screenshot".


Therein lies the dilemma. Can you edit the screenshot? If the screenshots are being judged and prizes given out, how does the poor guy who can't afford photoshop or happens to be dyslexic and struggles with tiny words on a screen, possibly compete (yes you are unnavoidably in competition here) with those who have super duper photo shop and all that stuff?


<hides under a table>



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I've attempted explaining why everything you've listed is wrong before and all I've gotten for response was either a "We don't care" or outright harassment. So I wouldn't expect much if you're looking for answers.

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In response to post #69425069. #69429485 is also a reply to the same post.


You can be assured a lot feel as you do, OP.
Producing copypasta clickbait for like harvesting is a common theme in most digital medium online galleries. The render "communities" are no better, but they do put on tiered contests with much tighter rules for new users generally.

Apparently the consensus here was "carte blanche". While a person can create very nice screens using simple console commands and a basic knowledge of composition and light, unfortunately the usual new user reaction to an established community is a perception that they "need" every bell and whistle. (a common problem in all competition). There is no encouragement or venue here for a new user to establish basic skills with the basic tools.


A good non pretentious basic guide to screenshots. 


Also do a search for GIMP, a free imaging program that is more than you need to edit screenshots.

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