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When game loads, I get a strange script compilation error

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When I start the game, I get a script compiilation error that I cannot seem to correct.
Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\gui\main_menu\ingamemenu.ws(311): Could not find function 'RefreshMainMenuAfterContentLoaded'

The merged ingamemenu.ws file is made up of two mods: ModESGO and ModFriendlyHUD.

I did a text search for the 'RefreshMainMenuAfterContentLoaded' function in the merged file AND the mod files and the error message is correct - that function is not defined anywhere?
Here is the relevant code in the merged ingamemenu.ws file (see below). That function is called, but it is not defined anywhere. This code is in both ModESO and ModFriendlyHUD

The game was running fine, then I added the mod "The enhancement system" mod which created a ton of problems. So I deleted it. Oddly, when I ran the game, the game ran, but I couldn't load my latest savegame because I got a message that my DLCs were missing - how did that happen?. So I loaded them again from GOG, which went fine. Now this is happening when I try to load game. Just FYI: modFriendlyHUD requires the "unification patch" which is installed and, just in case, I installed it again.


if (!panelMode)

if (isMainMenu)
username = FixStringForFont(theGame.GetActiveUserDisplayName());


if( !theGame.IsContentAvailable( 'content12' ) )

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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