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Help creating unique rune ideas

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Ok so i've got two ideas for new runes* i wanted to create but i seem to be having issues getting them to work properly so i was hoping to get some help in figuring them out (or finding out if they are or are not possible)


*i say runes as they both look like runes, but only one would act like a rune..




The first one is i'd like a rune to explode and then leave a pool of damage behind... basically like a "rune of fire + fireball + wall of fire."



The second one is only a rune visually... i was trying to create an enchanting table summoning spell where the enchanting table is actually a rune..(obviously this wouldn't explode or deal any kind of damage or function as a standard rune)



any help or instruction on how either/both of these can (or can't) be done would be appreciated.

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