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Mesh/Texture glitch around Fort Dawnguard

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I've recently downloaded a few graphics mods using Vortex.  (So much better than the old NMM)
1. Majestic Mountains
Lightweight Grass Overhaul
Noble Skyrim Full Pack
Really Blended Roads
There is quite a bit of overlap between these mods, but I'm happy with how the game looks... Mostly.  Around Fort Dawnguard there are a couple rock formations that are seriously glitching out graphics wise.  I haven't seen this anywhere else in the game.
Hopefully you can see what I mean (Cursor is right on where I saw the glitch first).  I have no idea how to go about fixing this other than to remove mods.  
I assume it's from conflicting meshes or textures... But I thought that they would be overwritten by the last loaded mod, or at least what is specified.
https://imgur.com/TFNWD3J  (Fort Dawnguard mountain)
https://imgur.com/ZcMNVRc   (Fort Dawnguard exit cave)
https://imgur.com/BVS68TV   (Fort Dawnguard exit cave)

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