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Is there a mod that increases the ore required per bar/ingot?

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looking to add playtime and challenge.

why does this mod not exsist?

and if it does, where is it? I searched for like 3 hours.


i just want a mod, that makes the furnace need more ore per bar, very simple.

by late game you can aquire more ore, and bars than you ever know what to do with, and upgradeing even within the first year to purple is pretty easy, making new sprinklers coat your entire field within a year or 2 tops.

i want ingots to take a customizeable amount of ore to smelt into bars. somethin like 25, 50, 100, 250 ore per bar, imagine that will ya?

you ever see actual mineing?  it takes a shitton of ore, its almost always in trace amounts.  5 small use-able, even high quality ore, would NEVER be enuff to make a solid bar.

i believe this mod would make the game a lot more fun, because tool upgrades and progressing thru sprinklers and everything you could think of would take more effort untill late game when lets face it, you have it all anyway and your bomb clearing floors. 


again, couldnt find it if it already exsists, so if it already does, please post me here.

if not.... well why the hell not?  am i the first to think of this?

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