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Smarter enemies mod?

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Anyone knowledgeable in C++ and willing to help me either go through with an idea, or create a mod for me? The idea is simple, With the random encounters mod, enemies obviously randomly appear. I discovered an interesting concept in the vanilla game, tracking darts cause enemies to bleed and leave a trackable blood trail. It would be great if monsters that attacked you, realized they are seriously injured, and would flee/hide, forcing the Monster *hunter* hunt monsters. Any way to make the A.I. retreat at say, 30% health, regardless of being shot with the tracking bolt, forcing you to hunt it down? if the enemy could flee for say, 200-400 yards away, in a random direction? The inspiration or example I keep coming to is the Forktail hunt in Kaer Morhen, forcing you to track it through the valley and into a cave. Any ideas/advice?  

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