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Extracting Music

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Could someone please point me to a tutorial on how to extract music files from DA2?  I have found lots of link references all over the net, but they ALL link back to bioware's forums that died 3 or 4 years ago. :(  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!




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It's really  a coincidence that I had a look at the DA 2 forum and stumbled over your post, LadyHonor.
As you are still working on your mod I assume that you could find it useful to get a hint even after 5 months.
It was DahliaLynn who had published the tutorial on the BSN in the DA 2 section. I suppose it has never been imported to Fextralife. Anyway, I couldn't find it with Google either.

It's been 7 years since I extracted music from DA 2. Here is the essential part to extract the music:


Download Quickbms from  https://aluigi.alter...rg/quickbms.htm or Xentax.
Quickbms and the right script are necessary to extract the music from the *.bnk files and convert it to a different audio format.

Here is the original script:

for i = 1
   FindLoc OFFSET STRING "WAVEfmt" 0 ""
   if OFFSET != ""
      math OFFSET -= 8
      goto OFFSET
      FindLoc DATA STRING "data" 0 ""
      math DATA += 4
      goto DATA
      get SSIZE long
      savepos HEADER
      math HEADER -= OFFSET
      set SIZE HEADER
      math SIZE += SSIZE
      get NAME basename
      string NAME += "_"
      string NAME += i
      string NAME += ".wav"
next i

I had to modify .wav to .ogg because the conversion to *.wav did not work for me.

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