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[WIPz] Talk Like Arnie

talk like arnie talk like arnie

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We've come a long way in development so I'm announcing a new project:


Talk Like Arnie


It's only a work-in-progress now but when it's complete what it will do is replace every single line of player dialog with Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners from his most popular movies using new voice acting that sounds like Arnold. Not using any copyrighted material from movies.


We are not re-recording the entire game dialog, only key storyline points, mostly to do with finding Shaun. The rest are replaced with cool one-liners from a list of around 100-200. (Note that most player dialog in Fallout can basically be split into 4 categories: Yes, No, Question, Neutral) This keeps the work volume fun and manageable.



A master file will also be available and others modders if they want can use it to make compatibility patches. The master file will contain all lines as "Shared Info", easily put into other mods.


We'll start with vanilla content and then do DLCs.


Many Arnie face mods are already available so we won't cover that here.


Nora/female character will also be able to talk like Arnie, however not when she's an NPC, you have to choose her as your playable character first. This is mostly a Nate mod, but if you want her to talk like say Cameron (from the Terminator TV show), feel free to audition and we'll consider expanding the mod to include that. There will be plenty of time to as we're not likely to release it for months.


A few examples of how this will work:


1. tell Wolfgang to give you his clothes, chems and bottlecaps (yes you could actually rob him in vanilla too with enough charisma)

2. troll the hell out of the Vault-Tec Rep like telling him stuff like "i've seen you before, you're the a****** on TV"

3. tell many antagonists you'll kill them last and later say you lied

4. troll Myrna (Diamond City vendor who hates synths) you're a "cybernetic organism" instead of the usual line "not human at all"

5. tell factions you side with your "mission" is to "protect them"

6. tell your enemies they're about to be "terminated" or ask them to put their "cookie" down

7. tell Jack Cabot to get his a** to Mars




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This is a great idea...

There must be countless possibilities behind the "Sarcastic" dialogue options.


Howabout getting a / collection of female Arnold-impersonator/s (instead of Cameron(I don't even know who that is)).

Or if the audio is hilarious, just use it for the female as well. -if a female downloads this mod, she's probably doing it for the Arnold voice, just like the rest of us w*****s...?

Otherwise, wouldn't it be better with a seperate "Cameron" mod?

Just some thoughts.


Edit: Make sure to add a bunch of Arnie-in-agony sounds! :D


One of the few mods I would be tempted to download straight away.

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