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First Person Body with Raised Camera

first person camera

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I've tried a dozen different mods but nothing is getting the desired result, unless I'm missing something.


My desired result is to have a character scale of 2.00, with a visible body in first person that matches that height, and have the first person camera raised up to that level. Player Size Adjuster and First Person Camera Fix SSE did this to a tee, but the max scale is only 1.30. I'm also running Joy of Perspective, which synergizes with PSA to that 1.30, but raising the scale beyond that makes me see down my character's neckhole.


Just as an example, look at New Vegas. With a first person body mod, and changing the scale, you can play as a giant. Have to crouch to do stuff, better damage, move faster, etc. Obviously Skyrim and New Vegas are two totally different games, but again, that's just an example of what I mean.


If someone could find or make a mod that basically lets me play as a giant and lets me see my character's body while I do it, that'd be mucho appreciated. 


EDIT: So, yeah, there technically was something I was missing. RaceMenu. I already had it installed, and I had seen that you can change your character's scale up to 2, but at time I had thought it no different than doing it in the console. Turns out, affecting your scale in the RaceMenu actually does change your first person camera height. 


Problem solved, though a mod that officialy states it lets you play as a giant would be nice.

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