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I just made the Realistic tank top mod but I'm not quite done yet. Lara climbs around like our chimp cousins, but she doesnt look like she could pull that off. I would love a mod that made her more like a crossfit athlete. More defined muscles and veins. Dont get me wrong, I want an athlete, not a bodybuilding model.


The only way I think that is possible at the moment is editing the normal maps, but my edits dont seem to work. Nothing shows up in game. The textures for the tank top also have arm textures but when editing those areas nothing happens. It's like that part of the texture map isnt used and instead has a separate file somewhare.


At the moment I dont have a .tiger unpacker so I cant browse around for the other textures. So here is my question. Does anyone have any ideas about the above problem and does anyone have a link to a download for an unpacker software?




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