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Heavy Weapons Require Power Armor

power armor heavy weapons

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It really bothers me that the player and NPCs can just stroll around carrying massive weapons like miniguns. The scaled down XM214 5.56mm microgun weighs 32 pounds with it's drive motor. This doesn't include battery or ammunition. What would the whole package be? 50-70 pounds? A mod that would make all very large guns only usable while in power armor would be a great immersive addition to the game. I'm really surprised nobody has done it (that I know of). 


Also, if anyone has the skillz to make a mod for the Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun, I'd send you a cupcake in the mail. At 83 pounds, here's another weapon that should only be usable in power armor, but what would be really cool is if the M2 was modified specifically for power armor use by adding a buttstock so it could be shot from the shoulder at full auto with the accuracy of a smaller machine gun shot from the shoulder. And now that makes me think that 20mm antitank rifles like the Finnish Lahti L-39 (at 110 pounds!) could be modified with scopes to be also shot from the shoulder while in power armor. Power armor snipers, how awesome would that be?


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M2 with buttstock. It isn't restricted to power armor, and it's still lacking a reload animation, but I quite enjoy it. For giant sniper rifles you have the PTRS. Again though, not restricted to PA.

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I've always wanted this too. I have downloaded a whole bunch of PA mods to see how they work and what they change. I want to create an overhaul that edits PA to be much slower but almost immune to small arms and melee.

But, the difference is I can't just add that immunity to melee/small arms to the frame coz it has gaps in it and no helmet. Would have to be some sort of condition that requires all pieces.

Mainly I want this for enemy NPc's. I can make the armour very rare and very strong but when all I have is 3 bullets, a machete and two mines in a hardcore survival playthru, I want them to be slow enough to run away from fairly easily or bait and use mines.

I guess for speed edits I'd maybe have to make a custom race. I think it would be frustrating for most players to be slow moving only but I feel like in this game, and with mods, you can easily become OP. I feel like there should be more penalties for PA but also benefits such as the use of Heavy weapons only and perhaps even other restrictions.

Something like the Glowing sea will give much Higher Rad damage unless in PA.. I would also like to add O2 tanks that deplete to the Hazmat suit while on that subject, similar to how the gasmask filters deplete in the GASMasks of the Wasteland mod.

So I have all these ideas for PA to make it more of a choice that has pros and cons and not just based on how it looks. Coz ballistic weave on a bit of modded armor is often just as strong as PA, It seems.

Everything is of course needed to be balanced to vanilla, you can't account for other mods.

But generally, I play Survival, I like loot to be very rare such as PA. But I want it to be worthy.

Maybe with scripting something could be added using the AP system that allows sprinting/running but requires a cool down of the fusion core just like Sentry Bots. This AP cool down meter should be slowly going up even during normal movement and much faster during combat of running. Sprinting or jet pack should max it out in a very short time, like one burst of jet pack just to get out of trouble up onto a roof or a 5 second sprint.

Again this sound like it would be frustrating to have to be temporarily stationary while in a cool down state. But I feel like it would make for more tactical choices.

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