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Random room furnishings

random clutter furniture

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I'd like to see the ability to put down different sized blocks of random furnishings; i.e. a sleeping area/bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Even if you have Sim Settlements it'd be nice to be able to save time fleshing out living areas. Without SS then you could use the bedroom/bed space along with the other areas.


Without Sim Settlements I like to use a version of the now-abandoned Clipboard or Clone My Shack to create houses, apartments, stores, etc. and it'd be nice to not have them all be completely identical if I furnish them.


If I had the skills I'd try it myself but I don't think I could pull it off.

  • I think a few standard sizes basically matching the standard full, half, and quarter floors with a bit of a margin around the edges would be good. Some could be carpeted or have rugs.
  • Themes could be good to pick from when placing tiles such as raider, institute, low tech, faction based etc. which could inform the furnishings and clutter selected.
  • You could add "quality" or "level" which could perhaps be used with Sim Settlements if it's installed otherwise you'd pick the level from the workshop menu.
  • Furniture and clutter objects would be organized by level, theme, and type. Type would be bed, table, etc.
  • One or more tiles would be created for each size and tile type with the number of designs for each combo of size and tile type determining the options for random selection.
  • The tiles would be set up in the Creation Kit with multiple markers (?) for location and orientation for a single bed, double bed, toilet, tub, table, chair, etc. Special markers for rugs, full carpet, or even wallpaper. I don't know if wallpaper would work unless you perhaps write a script to determine what wall exists; i.e. two windows from Snappy Housekits and automatically pick the right one. 
  • Perhaps only randomize when a tile is placed the first time and with a hotkey capable "weapon" otherwise it'd randomize every time you tried to adjust it. Making an option for when to randomize might be good.
  • If SS-Rotc is installed it'd be good to trigger refreshing the furnishings with the same settings but a new "quality" or level to match the settlement as a whole. I don't know how you'd update it otherwise since it'd be hard to reliably tell which interior plot to link to.

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