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Custom NPC Follower with Custom Race

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Hi guys,


I've just started using CK recently, and I've been able to create a few NPCs and followers, but whenever I try with a custom race from a mod, I run into some errors.


For this current issue, I'm using the Lilmothiit(Lykaios) mod and trying to create a custom NPC follower of this race, but every time I try to add him into the game I get a CTD. All I've done to create the follower is:



(In Creation Kit)
Load Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, LykaiosRace.eps


Toggle him Unique, FaceGenData, Essential


Give him a set of BladesArmorNoHelm


Place him in the Bannered Mare


(I've tried a few different ways to load other files alongside it, same issue.)



Every time I load in the Bannered Mare I get a CTD. So I tried deleting him from Bannered Mare cell and just using player.placeatme through the console, I CTD as soon as I hit enter.

Am I doing something wrong? I mean I know I AM, but does anyone know the fix? Do I need to load any other .esm or .esp files? Do I have to do something specific while creating him?


EDIT: I just tried the same process with the Predators mod, creating a Yautja NPC follower, same issue. So I know it's not an issue with the mod itself, it's a process I am missing.





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I have also the same problem with exporting facegen data with the Creation Kit. 

It works if I use the oldrim CK, but it always crashes if I want to build new facegen data with thr SSE CK... found many threads about it, but not a single solution. 

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