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A Crustier, Uglier Wasteland

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I'm currently looking for mods that make the wasteland more of a nightmarish hellscape. I've already got my own weather mod installed, but I'd like to start spreading out into other areas - character textures, monsters, and so on. Texture work, modelling, and advanced NPC design are beyond my limited skillset, so I'll need other mods to fill this void. I've got a quick shopping list for this kind of stuff, if anyone would like to lend me a hand.


 - Does anyone know of any mods that add diseased, injured, or just-plain-nasty NPC textures?

I'm currently only looking for textures that fit the vanilla body - or at least its UVs - and I'm not interested in nude skins. Preferably, something that works out-of-the-box for most NPCs, but I'm willing to do grunt work if need be. Non-human textures are welcome. I'd be very much interested in mods that make ghouls more ghoulish and super mutants more mutated.


 - Does anyone know of any mods that add sickly, mutated, or just-plain-scary plantlife?

Texture mods and mesh changes are both welcome. This is one I'd prefer worked as-is, or had the flexibility to be kludged into a replacer. Plant monsters like spore plants are also welcome.


 - Does anyone know of any mods that add freakish, disturbing, or just-plain-evil monsters?

Things like the FEV reject from Fallout 3, floaters from 1 and 2, or centaurs from everything but 4. Body horror and ground beef are major qualifiers here. Creepier, subtler things like the ghost people from Dead Money are also welcome. I'm willing to do the work in integrating the NPCs as long as they've already been completed.


 - Does anyone know of any mods that add deranged, psychotic, or just-plain-brutal armor types or weapons?

Once again, I am looking for outfits that fit the vanilla body. I realize this cuts down on my potential options. Outfits that replace, remove, or even add limbs are highly preferred. Clumsy, messy prosthetics are very welcome. Chainsaws highly desired. Scrap metal and junksmithing highly preferred.


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I can suggest My More feral ghouls mod. https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/36653 You probably won't want all the Ghoul types but some are pretty ugly, some just look like normal NPC ghouls though. 


You could maybe take the vanilla Friendly ghoul texture and copy it and rename it to the human textures to make all humans look like ball sacks. Adding extra pus boils etc to textures is hard coz you don't want them all to look the same. Maybe easier to do stuff with grime layers? idk, never looked at those textures. 


There is one mod called M's abominations That has some things in it you might like, Mostly its crazy stuff but I really like the supermutant ape thing. https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22823


https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/35684 Has some Floaters assets. 


https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27649 has a two headed creature that could probably be retextured a bit. 


Most of this is just assets you might like but you would have to take them and create your own LL's


https://www.nexusmod...?tab=user files maybe some things here. 

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