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Fallout: New Vegas - Mod Ideas based on Fallout 3 Mods

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Here is a list of mod ideas that do exist for Fallout 3, but haven't been ported or modified to work with New Vegas. These ARE lore-friendly, & would make sense to be in the Mojave Wasteland:



- Iguanas: A mod from Fallout 3 by Sesom that introduces a really cool Iguana creature along with amazing features to go with it. It would make sense to have Iguanas in the Mojave, considering that Iguana Bits & Iguana Sticks do exist in New Vegas.


- Cryo Weapons: A mod from Fallout 3 by Captain-Ultima that introduces & improves upon cut cryo weapons. There is a similar mod for New Vegas by Clanf (Awesome mod, BTW), but the Fallout 3 one greatly improves the weapons, rather than just re-adding them.


- Ties that Bind: This isn't lore friendly itself, but if someone made a companion that is essentially a close relative of the courier (Wife, Husband, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, & so on...), it would be an amazing mod, provided it was done right.


- Fallout Slavery Overhaul: Another Fallout 3 mod by Sesom, this one overhauls slavery in Fallout 3. It would be a great addition to a Legion playthrough. I've only played as a bad guy ONCE, & that was as an evil dictator of "Independent" Vegas, but a mod like this could get someone to enjoy being a legion character much more.



I might add on to this with fresh ideas later on if this page gets some attention. I hope you agree on the suggestions, & enjoy you stay in New Vegas! :D




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I'd personally like a New Vegas version of this mod:


Unlike another already existing mod for NV, this one makes use of the script extender and only affects accuracy in V.A.T.S. I'm guessing this could be done in a similar fashion to one recent mod which had a player's agility stat affect their movement speed buut I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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