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Dremora with assault rifles.

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Imagine going into a conjurer dungeon. Just a bunch of ho-ass milk-drinker dweebs in robes, nothing too serious. Suddenly, one of them summons a dremora wielding a strange contraption, some sort of ugly crossbow. You charge towards it and are immediately filled with holes. Rip in peace. 


I was thinking about which enemies would be the funniest to give guns to, and I am torn between Dremora and regular skeletons, but I think the dremora voice lines would make them be the wackiest, plus it would make Mehrunes' razor a lot more interesting. 


Whether they drop the weapons on death is another issue, as is whether conjured ones would also have them.


Permission could be acquired from an existing mod author, since there are several existing gun mods already.


Anyone else have any fun ideas to break the hell out of immersion, balance, and lore-friendliness?

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