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Kwama Bug

kwama animation error missing nif kf kwama forager troubleshooting morrowind bug

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I don't understand how you fixed it.... ive completely reinstalled my game 3 times today....the whole day.....and all because that damned kwama error. What mods are you using? perhaps if we have a few that are identicle that we can rule out what mod is doing it :confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey what's up Josh!

I completely know what you mean when you said "The whole day" lol seriously.. I spent days figuring out some bugs and stuff like that in mods that I've installed. It gets easier as you go along and it becomes a game within itself almost. Anyway to answer your question, I actually did what I said up there ^.. I deleted some of the files within my Data Files/Meshes folder. But because I had some Mesh replacers that did overwrites of the original, I also backed up some of those files. I also made sure to delete the Kwama Forager.Nif files.. all of them. Then I ran my Bethesda Scan & Repair and Verify File Integrity option in the Game Launcher. But only do that if you know you aren't gonna miss the mods you just installed and only if you've backed up the ones you want to keep, because it'll overwrite those. But if you're on a fresh install that just sounds odd. There must be something else wrong. It did work for me and I didn't have to do a fresh install.


But! Because I spent so long looking for answers even after I've fixed something I found quite a few replacers that will overwrite or upgrade your current creatures. I'll list them below. These 2 Mods have the Kwama Forager file inside them. If you do not want the mod, just remove the Kwama Foragers from the archive (.7z or .Zip file) and place them in the proper directory (Data Files/Meshes). I know there are a couple others that I can't recall off hand.

As far as the Mods that I have now, they are a far stretch from what I originally started off with, so I can't remember what mod has started it off in the first place and I haven't been able to recreate it (not like I wanted to because it was a nightmare LOL)


Hopefully these will work for you. 

Blighted Animals Retextured

Creature VFX Restoration


Both of these have different types of Kwama Foragers, the Normal and the Blighted. It will be safe to put both types into your Meshes folder.


Squash that bug!  :yes:

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