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Dragon's Dogma: Remastered Help needed

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Hello Everyone! You may or may not have seen some of my mods that I've been working on, and if you have I hope you're as excited about them as I am. So, here's the thing:


I'm working on a lot of HD texture mods for the game. The thing's I have been able to improve look great and I want to do it to the whole game. However, after the arc files of areas exceed a certain size, depending on what area it is, the game will crash straight to the desktop. I was told that this is most likely what's called a sanity check. I was told that in theory that there is a way to work around these. I do not know how.


I heard the idea of a script extender being thrown around, and I know they use one of those when it comes to Skyrim modding, but I have no idea what a script extender is, what it does, or how to go about making one for Dragon's Dogma. I've been posting on forums and asking people I know who have worked with the game, and now I'm posting here in hopes of being pointed in the right direction of someone who may be able to help me. Before anyone asks, I've already talked to the creator of World Difficulty, as well as FluffyQuack. I also posted something on Resident Evil modding Boards in hopes that the people there familiar with working on Capcom games might be of help, but as of right now nobody has seen my thread. I hope someone is able to help with this so I can finish and publish my project.


Thanks in advance everyone!

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