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[Idea] Heavy Power Armour Concept

idea concept mod power armour

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So Since the beginning the has been balistic weapons and heavy ballistic weapons. And there has always been power armour. But never "Heavy Power Armour". In all of the pre war development, no one ever though of making siege variants, on tha only permits the use of heavy weapons. The inspiration comes from the 40k universe. More specifically; tactical dreadnaught plate, AKA terminator armour.




The image link is that of a Grey knight.


Will I could model the 3d assets myself I am clueless when it comes to implimenting the imto being made into a mod. Im not after a 40k power armour skin. I just used that as an example. design features such as no neck, should pauldrons going down to just above the elbow, being 1/3 the width of the entires set. Can walk at full speed whilst aiming heavy weapons. cannot use light weaponry. Insane damage resistance. max walk speed is slower than normal. Inbuilt weapons (throwable weapon is replaced with a missile launcher or flamethrower.) Its an interesting concept for anyone bored enough to take an interst in. Sure, we could point the role to a sentry bot. But as in most cases "how cool would it be" to romp around the wastland in termi armour. A litteral Hulk buster. Go toe-to-toe in melee combat with Behemoths and Matriachal death claws. And then Imagine the challenge of having to fight one? Fallout 4 shows that factions like the institute DO actually develope new technology based on already established fallout lore technology. I mean Liberty Prime exists, in 2278 so why could post war boffins decide to make a psuedo liberty prime? or other factions attempting to make their own version? Either way, I'm just going to push the idea out (watch it sink) and see if anyone is interested in making it a mod. OR having bethesda use the concept in the next fallout AAA title

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