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Plugins in a savegame not working - iNeeds, EFF, XPSME

plugins savegame scripts not working ineeds

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So I noticed that iNeeds and a couple other plugins aren't working correctly in my savegame. with iNeeds in particular, I have animations set to working when I drink/eat and that doesn't work. Also, when my character does eat or drink, it doesn't affect the hunger/thirst meters. Things I've tried:


  • I've disable/enabled iNeeds.
  • I've used savetools to delete the forms and script
  • re-downloaded and re-installed iNeeds


with EFF and XPSME, they just aren't working correctly for whatever reasons.

  • EFF, whenever I open the 'Magic' option, it's an instant CTD
  • XPSME, I can't open the 'Styles' menu in MCM


I can't think of anything else to do to fix this.. any help would be appreciated


NOTE: When I start the game with 'coc qasmoke', iNeeds works perfectly. However, when I go to my savegame, they don't so I figure the issue has to be something with the savegames



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