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Need help finding a mod

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Got a new computer after my old one died, was geeting all of my mods back and I can no longer find my favrote one. Darth Dac's warp band. If anyone has a working link or is able to send me a download link i would be greatful. I did look over and gamefront and they do not have that mod even tho this site says it was just a holding and would be back on the other one. now neither site has the mod can anyone give me a hand?




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I'd check Deadlystream.com for that mod as well. 




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I have 'darth_dacs_warpband_fix.zip' .

It's an improved version i think ,let me know if you still want it ( topic is a bit old).



Hopefully this fixed all the trouble you had with this mod.
Install: delete the file if you installed it before and install it again with this.


DarthDac'S WarpBand
You will get this armband at the beginning of the game but you can easily get it with KSE.
So what can this armband do?
-Teleport you anywhere in the game
-Open/close any door
-Add or Remove party members,show the party selection screen even on the Ebon Hawk!
-Change the background and battle music in an area
-Use the workbench anytime anywhere
-Change your allignment
-Give credits
-Play pazaak and swoop racing in 3 planets
-Play all movies in the game
-Sell you EVERY item in the game




I also have 'Mrdefender's Wrist Console.7z' . (Thanks to FairStrides for making it available)




I have a few old mods that came from some of the sites that have gone now ,forgotten what some of them are for :smile:

But Deadlystream can be useful if you're looking for an old mod that's proving hard to find ,sometimes one of the guys over there will have it archived.

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