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I Need A Little Help On My Mod Involving a New Slum City Replacing Helgen

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I need a little help on a project I'm working on in creation kit. I'm rebuilding Helgen with custom voice acting, new NPCs, and a new questline with help from friends and family for voices (If you can voice act for free, please mention it- I could use all the help I can get) and I need a little feedback on how exactly to go about this.


So, first off, here's the mod: The slimeball Jarl of Falkreath has made drugs legal in Falkreath hold so a rush of previously illegal drugs like Skooma have emerged in the hands of Falkreath's residents. Helgen has been bought out by an untouchable and dangerous Altmer drug lord who's turned Helgen into a slummy ghetto town full of unsavory folk. This drug lord lives in his manor while the rest of the city is in disarray and disgust. I really am going to make this new version of Helgen as unsavory as possible. I want a true medieval aspect with literal s*** in the streets and the entire town be filthy and disgusting. The NPCs will not be friendly, but will tell you to f*** off and they may even just flat out attack you. A questline (Which would be developed after NPCs and the city itself) will include the player having to stop a convoy of undercover caravans full of drugs heading out to Riften. 


So, now, here's my issue. I have no idea how to have this new location spring up a certain amount of time after the start of the game. I was thinking maybe an in-game week after Helgen's destruction the location would appear, but all I know how to do is build a new location on top of what's there. Does anyone have any feedback on how exactly to make a location only show up after a certain bit of time?




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im not very good at any of this.and sorry to waste your time with even posting this... but what i assume  you could set this helgan rebuild of ur to a scriptted quest where it will start when u active or "investigate" a dead boy" or have a npc attack u and have a note activator in it.... that would start the quest build when helgan of ur mod gets there.... also to have the npc to straight attack u wouldnt be fun to me pushing a convo that annoys the npc to point to force em to attack u would be better...i think....but as i said to get ur location to pop up is prob a quest or activator of some sort because if u think about the mods that lets u build or own city ect,, u gotta do a quest to get the area to pop up...so like you could have them run around skyrim in caves homes ect finding notes books info as a quest that takes em all over the place and have it to keep the player away from helgan area and just have the rebuilt helgan already there after u get to a certin note or activator.. so as u keep the player away and keep them searching in caves homes ect.. they finaly get to the last note/book/ in the  home of the attacker u killed if u go that route saying he works at helgan ect ect or he got drigs from helgan ect ect... something to make u go back to helgan and see it rebuilt to ur mod....


THAT IS WHAT I WOULD ASSUME i would do if i was a good modder/scriptter... i dont know as i said m sorry to waste ur time with this.. hopefully u got a idea or lil bit of info or something from it to be helpful or hopfully it sparks ideas for others to help or tell u how to do something... and ways again sorry

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