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Luxurious, Hidden, Bunker or hideout Home Mod Request.

player home fallout 4 bunker hideout workshop mod request home mod

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I am here with a request for Home mod creators everywhere. i am in need of a home mod that is a bunker or a hideout. also it needs to be Luxurious as HELL. i have seen all home mods on the nexus & bethesda.net but none of them have no interest in me. i know i can create my own home with the workshop feature of the game. But it is so much time consuming, and i am not as creative as i use to be. So i am requesting this so i can have my character the perfect home he/she deserves "please" :D

Here is a list of things that i want in the new home mod.

1. usual rooms like living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

2. a room with a pool and a hot tub.

3. it needs to be a very well hidden bunker or hideout. I know that is not necessary, but it is a wasteland there are going to be some enemy's looking for me.

4. a teleport like room.

5. As i said before. "MAKE IT LUXURIOUS AS HELL" Like if i was the richest person in the commonwealth.

6. A huge Armory to store my weapons, ammo, armor, & power armor. also place it near the teleport like room so that my character can prepare for a wasteland journey.

7. Most importantly have it workshop friendly & everything scrapable except the floor, walls, and interactive things.

8. A shooting range.

9. A few empty rooms for workshop reasons.

10. A crafting room.

11. Make it Champion/Follower friendly & they have there own rooms.

12. You can place this home mod in any location in the commonwealth of your choosing ,as long as its hidden from view or place it in somewhere in the glowing sea if you want.

13. ( optional ) Make it look high tech. Maybe like the institute or the Enclave.

14. Have it compatible with all of the DLC's.

15. You can add some more features or things in it as you want.

And that is it. if there is any questions i will answer them as much as i can.

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