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Lighting in a cell

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Ok, so I was wondering if anybody knows how to make lighting specific to a certain part of a cell? 

Like the cell I currently made has one light, it's a dwarven neon light and it´s placed right at the entrance of the cell, but it lights up the rest of the room in the cell, and I want to make certain parts of the cell more darker than others. At the moment I only have a room that extends out from this small hallway with the light and I plan on making more hallways that extend out of the room, I want to make the room less brighter as it's completely bright due to this one light I have placed, I also want to do the same with the hallways as I fear the they too are going to be all lit up from this one light. So I was wondering if anybody could help me with this and figure how I could make certain parts more darker than others and vice versa. 

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Every cell has Ambient, Sunlight, and Fog lighting values that are independent of any lights placed in the cell.  In the Construction Set, go to World -> Interior Cell and select a cell name from the dropdown menu, and it will show the red, green, and blue values for the three settings.  For example, the Alas Ancestral Tomb has Ambient-10/10/10, Sunlight-40/40/40, and Fog-50/25/0.  I just created a new interior cell, and it looks like the default values are Ambient-71/71/71, Sunlight-242/217/217, Fog-0/0/0.

There's a mod called True Lights and Darkness that reduces the lighting values in tombs, Dwemer ruins, and similar underground areas to 0, making them completely dark other than placed light sources and whatever the player is carrying.  If you want your cell to be dark other than actual lights, you need to lower the light values in the cell.

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