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Is it possible make a mod to show all lootable chests on the map?

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Hi there -

Been toying with mod kit, script studio and trying to reverse engineer other peopleâs mods but canât seem to figure out where to start for this.

I want to make a mod that shows all the secondary hidden chests on the map that currently do not have markers but the prima guide atlas shows you where they all are. I like exploring but itâs irritating to try to remember which ones Iâve already found and I actually enjoy clearing off icons on a map. Itâs not fun to flip back and forth to a guide.

Easiest case I could just put all the icons in to the static map texture files but a) couldnât figure out how to rebuild the texture.cache and b) it would be a cluttered mess in game and the icons wouldnât disappear once you loot the chest.

I checked out the all quest objectives on map mod and saw that they have a way that puts merchant icons on the map once you discover them, and if I could replicate the same thing for the chests that would a to least solve the problem of not remembering which ones Iâve found.

Ideally, the mod would simply add a custom icon set to the legend that you can toggle on or off that shows you all the chests you have left to find and either deletes or changes the color of the icons for the chests youâve already found.

If anything I would think this is possible with scripts but I looked through the games scripts and couldnât find anything that points to whether or not this is possible. If someone more knowledgeable about modding could confirm whether possible or not and point me in the right direction to get started it would be much appreciated and if I did manage to create it I would for sure put it up on the nexus :)




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Hi Dramatical,


Did you happen to find a solution to this? Or a mod that does it?




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Not a mod, but very handy map:
What are: "secondary hidden chests" ?

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