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Bri's Home - Missing this Oldrim Mod desperately in SE

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One of my favorite mods in Olrim had been "Bri's Home" or "Bri for Bri's Home Edition".

Since I'm not a modder myself, I can only beg the creator to port this great mod to SE or give some other modding experienced Bri-lover permission to port it.

I'm eagerly waiting for it to appear on the Nexus soon.




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Porting isn't actually difficult at this point due to the available tools. It is quite likely that all you have to do is the following:


1. Unpack the SLE mod archive to a safe location.

2. Use "SSE NIF Optimizer" (SNO) to convert the meshes. All you have to do is point it at the top-level folder for the mod and click the "Optimize" button. Also check for texture problems using the other button.

3. Use "Cathedral Assets Optimizer" to process any textures for which there are warnings in step 1, with the full optimization box checked. Check only the textures button for this step. The only texture warnings I've seen have been for uncompressed textures which SNO claims have no alpha channel (even if they appeared to), but compressing the texture eliminates the warning and everything seems to work properly.

4. Copy the plugin to the SSE Data folder, start the SSE CK, and load the plugin and then save it. That will convert it from Form 43 to Form 44, which is the correct form for SSE. Just cut and paste back to your mod folder after it updates.

5. If there are animations, use "Cathedral Assets Optimizer" to process any animations. Just check the box for animations. You can skip this step though, since Bris Home doesn't have animations.

6. Repack everything with 7zip and install the mod from the new archive file using your Mod Manager.


The slowest part of this entire process is waiting for the CK to initialize. Everything else is very fast. The entire conversion should only take 5 to 10 minutes depending on how fast the CK loads. Not all mods can be ported with only these steps, but most can.

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Thanks so much blitzen - for the detailed "walk-through" - worked for me using your method!

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