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Moved Vortex Folder location. (MHW not working)

vortex monster hunter world mods mod

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Hello there.


My version of Vortex that I was using when I moved the vortex folder was Vortex-1-0-18-5-1558963238. Whenever I installed the Custom location varient of Vortex it was version Vortex (custom install location)-1-0-18-12-1561710529


Preface: I am having a problem starting up Monster Hunter Worlds on steam (Blackscreen issue; the screen goes black after the Capcom logo on start up and never loads) ever since trying to install some new mods. I believe it to be the "Smart Hunter" UI Overlay and "MHW Transmog." The Vortex Application let me know that these files were somehow conflicting, please just read before you judge me :sad:

I had maybe 10 Monster Hunter World Mods installed on vortex and all of them worked great. I was searching for new mods to add and ended up wanting to get the "Smart Hunter" overlay mod. I decided to create a batch file (.bat) that would run the "Smart Hunter" mod and then load "Monster Hunter Worlds" AND THEN load "MHW Transmog." The code looked like this

START C:\Users\bcsco\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\monsterhunterworld\mods\SmartHunter-793-1-1-7113-30815-1561306430\SmartHunter.exe
START C:\"Program Files (x86)"\Steam\steamapps\common\"Monster Hunter World"\MonsterHunterWorld.exe
START C:\Users\bcsco\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\monsterhunterworld\mods\"MHW Transmog-43-1-4-9-1562634162"\MHWTransmog.exe
It launches everything correctly, except I have a problem getting monster hunter to start up. While I was making this script, I moved the vortex folder location (Can't remember where from or where to exactly). Ever since then the Vortex manager was not working properly. I found out that was because the isntall I used wasn't the custom install location version. I ended up not being able to find the vortex location that I moved it to. (Maybe I deleted it [but that might have just been the shortcut]) SO!!!! I decided to install vortex manager again using the custom install location variant. Once I had it up and running it did not read any of the mods that I had downloaded on my previous vortex application. The nexusmods website had mods listed as "downloaded" that I had on my older version of vortex, yet were not downloaded to the new vortex that I installed. I decided to just install MHW Transmog, Smart Hunter Overlay and Souvenir's Light Pillar Mod on the new custom location Vortex. After all of that, I still had the blackscreen problem with Monster Hunter World. I know that it is a problem with the mods conflicting (Vortex warned me it was Smart Hunter & MHW Transmog) but I tried uninstalling the Smart Hunter mod and it still had the black screen issue. To me, this seems like the problem persisted because the other Vortex application was still "active" in the background files of MHW. SO MY QUESTIONS ARE:
1. if I uninstall vortex through program manager in the control panel, will it uninstall multiple varients of vortex that I have downloaded or just the most recent one.
2. Should uninstalling the vortex apps correctly solve this problem
3. Should re installing Monster Hunter World solve this issue by resetting the mod files that were moved into the "Native PC" folder?
4. How do I go about removing the "downloaded" tag from mods on the website that I had downloaded previously on my vortex apps.
This may seem like a simple and stupid post, but this is my first time using Vortex, I used to use nexus mod manager a couple years ago with the Witcher 3 and haven't since, so I am basically completely new to this program.
P.S. Thanks in advance for any help that I would receive. I appreciate everyone that put time into helping me.
TL;DR I had conflicting mods "MHW Transmog" & "Smart Hunter UI Overlay." I moved my original non-custom install location version of vortex to a separate C:\ folder and now my game black screens and doesnt load past the Capcom logo on start up.

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