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Mod Request - NPC looting hacking lockpicking

npc ai loot lockpick hack steal command combat

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First of all, I'm not a mod developer and don't know the first thing about creating mods or what's possible.


That being said, I have a few ideas which I don't consider impossible, such as giving NPCs behaviour that makes them loot, pick locks and hack terminals depending on conditions.


I believe this is possible because:

-I've seen NPCs pick up weapons from dead bodies during combat and use them

-companions and intimidated/hacked NPCs can be made to hack terminals and pick locks with animations







Why not allow NPCs to search bodies, outside of combat, within a certain radius (of either themselves or their base depending), and take specific items that meet their conditions?


By putting factions into tiers it could go like this:


-Diamond City guards (for example) would want to keep their baseball gear, but would take any caps, chems, meds and extra ammo for their equipped guns, however they aren't going to leave their posts to do so and would only target corpses within a certain radius of Diamond City


-Scavengers are mostly interested in junk but would take anything above a certain weight/value ratio to sell, they travel so give them a radius around themselves to search in


-Gunners want to keep their gear, but they're not just gonna pass up on free ammo, caps, chems and meds. Also they're really just defending themselves and like guards wouldn't leave a certain radius around their base


-Raiders would take anything they can get their hands on (they should be taking prisoners too, prisoners mod based on Intimidation Perk anyone?) and they're on drugs so don't mind walking far to go get free s***, so give them a radius around themselves to loot from, then when there's nothing left they go back to their base


-Super Mutants would take heavy weapons and all ammo, but mainly want to eat, and so should take all food and meat items (or again, take live prisoners to eat later or turn into Super Mutants)


-All creatures and ghouls want to eat and would only take food items (there are also corpse eating animations)


-BOS and synths want all your technology (energy weapons and ammo, some junk?)

-BOS needs all the Fusion Cores they can get


-(robots) Ada is always saying she wants spare parts










-The Raiders literally see me through the glass (destructible glass mod anyone?) and while most can't read and so can't hack terminals, they are used to breaking into containers and buildings (destructible locks mod anyone?) should be able to pick the lock on the door to come kill me and take all my s***


-Synths and robots in general aren't lockpickers (some of them are) but should be able to hack terminals to get doors open (Robobrain stuck behind a hackable door in the General Atomics factory was just retarded)


-Gunners, BOS, etc can do both








-can loot up to a certain carryweight (creatures/ghouls 25, humans 50, Robots/SuperMutants 100, etc)








If someone smart is bored and thinks any of this is possible, or if it exists already, yeah...

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