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Laptop with external PhysX gpu?

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That is interesting. So technically it should work the way I intend it to? Since it would be a bit iffy I will do a lot of thinking about it because it would be a fair sum of money to spend on something that may or may not work just to run PhysX on a few games. I was getting a bit concerned about the card not working as a secondary GPU but since you can verify it that makes me a bit less worried. Thanks again for you help (with I could give you kudos again :laugh: )




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I would think so, as that was how I was playing Oblivion for about 6 months before I had to take a long break from gaming because of work. I'd call up the ViDock folks and speak to them, they are nice people and knowledgeable. I was in a similar situation as you before buying one of their very early ViDock models (they were REALLY pricey back then, not that they're cheap now of course), but I just didn't want a desktop PC, and wanted to be able to run not only my work stuff but also some games (mainly Oblivion). It was actually the Sager folks who'd pointed me to the ViDock folks when I told them what I had planned on doing, and I spent probably a good 20 minutes on the phone with VillageTronic before making the purchase. I gave my ViDock to a friend, and actually tried calling him just now but it appears he's out (I have no idea what he's using it for now, or if he's even using it at all :P).

EDIT: I'm really trying to think back as to how I had it set up back then. I do remember with absolute certainty that the ViDock card was being recognized as the secondary video card, I just can't remember offhand if I had to do anything special with it to get it recognized for Oblivion (it's been a while since I've played that, and I just checked my old laptop, and I had forgotten I wiped Oblivion from it :(). I'm thinking that I *did not* have to do anything special, as I only recall tweaking the "usual" settings via the nVidia control panel (AA, texture filtering, etc.).

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