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Odd custom recipe bug? Or doing something wrong?

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Whenever I make a new custom recipe thru the CK,


Ex. Dog Meat roast..... I make a 2nd recipe for it by using the same one, editing it, changing name to like Dog Meat roast 2 or something. And I change the 1 dog meat needed to 10, save close out whatever.


In game that new recipe works but I can't click it more than once.


I click on it, cook it, then have to move the cursor either to the recipe above or below then come back to mine to be able to cook it again. Hard to explain.


In vanilla I can cook whatever as fast as I my fingers can click and as many times as long as I have the meat/etc.


This new recipe wont let me do that, I click once, move down, move back up, click again. 

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