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Cool Camel - BANNED

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Cool Camel was banned for Abuse Behavior.

Reference Post

Also banned secondary account "NotCoolCamel" which was used to send me a PM.

If this person does not create another account, I said it may be possible that his original ban can be lifted in a month if he asks Dark0ne via the Contact Form.

Here is a quote from the Terms of Service (ToS) that was relevant to this banning:

Before leaving a comment or rating please be sure you have read and understood our terms and conditions for using the commenting system. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for the breaking of our terms and people can and will be banned from the site without warning if they ignore them. Remember; ignorance is not an excuse.

The commenting and rating system is available on this site to provide users with:

* an interface to offer positive feedback on the functionality of the file in question based on the author’s initial intentions
* the ability to offer constructive criticism on aspects of the file that could be improved
* the chance to ask for feature requests and discuss such requests with other users of the site or the author
* the ability to ask for help in troubleshooting problems with the file in question

If your comment does not fit in to the above criteria then do not post. If you disagree with the content of a file on the site then do not post. Simply ignore the file or report the file for moderator viewing and move on.

If your comment contains text that is likely to personally offend other users of the site either in the language you use or the message of your text then do not post. We take personal attacks very seriously

If you believe that someone else’s post does not fit into these criteria then you are encouraged to report the comment in question for moderator review. Above all do not post in reply to the offending comment however good intentioned your post might be, even if you are the author of the file in question. This is known as “feeding the trolls” and “forum vigilantism” and is frowned upon by the moderator staff. You may well end up with a suspension from the site if you partake in this activity.

This site has extremely dedicated moderating staff who have full authority to edit and delete posts as well as ban accounts instantly and without warning. However the moderating staff cannot possibly read and keep up-to-date with every single comment and rating posted on the site. It is up to you, the users of this site, to help keep this site clear of the people who just want to ruin it for everybody by reporting violations of these conditions to the moderators, either through the provided reporting features on the site or via forum PM to the moderating staff.


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