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This mod cannot be activated and should be deleted

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So I play on xb1 and yesterday was playing fine I more or less have my version of my "perfect playthrough". Today I get home turn it on and before I can click continue or check new mods the prompt pops up about mod changes and it needs to restart.. so I'm like ok, let it do its thing. When I click continue on my current playthrough it pops up so and so mods are no longer activated, I go check my mods and sure enough they aren't on even though I never turned these 2 specific mods off. I try to turn them on and I get the topic title. This mod cannot be activated and should be deleted. Also quite a few of my legit mods are now blank squares indicating deletion. Just a side note I feel like this always happens when I get my playthrough how I want it and I'm literally looking forward to playing it the next day and something stupid always happens and i either have to reinstall skyrim or erase my mods or some bullcrap. I'm so tired of it in fact I'm about to just stop playing altogether and break the disk to be pretty. If anyone has any info please come forward. I've googled it every way and of course all I get is 2-6 year old posts about completely unrelated garbage. How could I play it and ot be fine one day and the next I can't use my mods. VERY irritated.
Please help

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